Ambulance Chasers of Advertising
Episode 10
Published January 31, 2013
TRT 01:20:42

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During our pre-show breakdown, the calls started coming in. So we just went with it.

In this episode, we discuss LinkedIn whoring, finding talent in unexpected places, the burglary curse of The Shakes, “Find My Mac/iPad/iPhone” vigilante squads, telling your story the right way and responsibility in advertising. All before we decide we need to start our own agency called ACA (Ambulance Chasers of Advertising).

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Pat wants suggestions for books to read while he roasts his tender ginger skin in the Mexican sun. Email or Tweet @muleshakes with your favorite page-turners.

Thanks to threepeat Beer Buddy Joel Gerhold and Heather Robertson for the beer!

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