Aunt Francis Dreams of Potato Chips
Episode 8
Published December 21, 2012
TRT 01:28:06

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Alternate Title: "Let's Be Sad For Xmas." Thanks, Caleb.

Hey! It's the holidays, so let's eat Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, drink Shiner Holiday Cheer and get really, REALLY depressed about a whole bunch of stuff. Podcasts are like mix tapes. You need to orchestrate low points before you pick the pace back up.

This episode, we talk about Aunt Francis, obsession of craft via Jiro Ono and Bob Ross, taking stock of the past year and how 2013 will be the year of The Shakes.

Thanks for the baby beer, Joel!

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Tell us ... If December 22nd is the beginning of a new world for us all, what are you going to do differently this time around? Send an email or call (415) 484-5830 to leave a message that may end up on the show.

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