Bag Of Beer Can Cocks
Episode 20
Published July 5, 2013
TRT 1:10:54

Episode DescriptionEdit

Quinn is on a location shoot so Pat shares his feelings about the episode when he was on vacation. Then Pat and Jeremy discuss unexpected career opportunities.

Beer BuddiesEdit

  • Yard Beer
    • Joel Gerhold
  • The Keg
    • Robert Arnold


Topics CoveredEdit

  • Episode 18
  • Vera Wang's "rough dirt"
  • An Event Apart
  • Empathy for your client's fears
  • An email from "Brian" about leaving his creative wife for a creative mistress

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Wow, pretty aggressive response from a first-time listener." — Quinn (via email), in response to Pat's emails sent during his listening of Episode 18

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