Don't Snap At The Editor
Episode 15
Published April 15, 2013
TRT 01:14:00

Episode DescriptionEdit

While Quinn is on vacation, we’re joined by Kansas City’s top Avid editor, Joy Moeller.

In this episode we discuss Bulletproof All-Stars, Harland Williams, shipping your pants and the slimming pitcher of the new Kool-Aid man.

Thanks for the beer, Indomitable Joel Gerhold!

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Beer BuddiesEdit

  • Yard Beer
    • Joel Gerhold

Topics CoveredEdit

  • Bulletproof All-Stars
  • Harland Williams
  • The need for laughter
  • Independent Filmmakers' Coalition of Kansas City
  • Kmart's "Ship My Pants"
  •'s "Booking.yeah"
  • AXE vs. Old Spice
  • The Kool-Aid Man

Memorable QuotesEdit

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