End of Chapter 1
Episode 27
Published October 11, 2013
TRT 48:36

Episode DescriptionEdit

We gathered to bid farewell to Quinn’s physical presence on the couch. The fact that she had been eating $60.00 steaks and drinking with her old boss for the four hours prior to recording made things… interesting.

Pat and Jeremy attempt to turn the topic toward Poopy Pants Times when moving to take a new job and the joys of being the new kid in established creative environments. All before ol’ Meat Belly wonders why no one calls in anymore. Luckily @typojess83 called in and saved the show before we shut the whole thing down for good. Now you know who to blame.

We swear the show is going to get “normal” again in an episode or two. Maybe.

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Guest HostEdit

Beer BuddiesEdit

  • Yard Beer - Joel Gerhold
  • Microbrew - David McCreath, Melissa Holland

Topics CoveredEdit

  • Moving for a new job
  • Being the "new kid" in an established creative environment
  • Evil smartphone games that suck you dry via in-app purchases
  • A phone call with Jess Danielle

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