Here Come The N00bs
Episode 17
Published May 29, 2013
TRT 1:29:34

Episode DescriptionEdit

It's that time of year again, when aspiring minds try to eke out a shred of what they think they might be worth. We try to make the eking a little more fruitful.

In this episode we talk about portfolios and advice for upcoming graduates while giving cautionary tales of strange client requests and presentation horror stories.

THANK YOU! This episode, we decided to donate all Beer Buddy money to the American Red Cross for tornado relief in Jeremy's home state of Oklahoma. Thanks to Joel Gerhold, Heather Robertson, Micha Koehler and Joy Moeller, we gave over $200 to help those starting over again in Moore, OK. No one can ever say our listeners aren't awesome.

Original TitleEdit

Due to initial audio glitches, this episode was originally titled, "Sorry For The Robot Farts." But, Caleb saved the day and made the robot farts go away.


Original artwork for Episode 17.

The show's title was changed right before the episode was officially published.

Topics CoveredEdit

Beer Buddies Edit

All money raised by the Beer Buddies program for this episode was donated to the American Red Cross.

  • Yard Beer
    • Joel Gerhold
  • Microbrew
    • Heather Robertson
  • Ol' 750
    • Micha Koehler
  • The Keg
    • Joy Moeller ($50)

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