Quinn's Wood Spice Couch Exodus
Episode 25
Published September 13, 2013
TRT 57:09

Episode DescriptionEdit

Quinn is moving to Boston. Even though she’ll still host via Skype, we’ll miss her on the basement couch.

In this episode: We discuss the smell of anxiety, answer an email about doing work that goes against your beliefs and then things just get weird.

Maybe we should have done that 25th anniversary clip show after all.


Beer BuddiesEdit

  • Yard Beer: Joel Gerhold, Khanh Kim Nguyen, Heather Robertson
  • Microbrew: Matt Policastro, Andrew Anker, Jacob Dunn

Topics CoveredEdit

  • Quinn taking a job at Arnold Worldwide and moving to Boston
  • An email regarding doing work that goes against one's personal beliefs
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Ted
  • Pat and Jeremy have job openings where they work
  • The 2013 Clios Party presented by AAF-KC
  • The Shakes Fan Appreciation Party sponsored by Squarespace

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Well, I guess that's all for... Hey... Fiery Doritos Tacos Locos. Have you tried those?" — Jeremy

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