You're Gerholding Again
Episode 16
Published May 10, 2013
TRT 01:31:21

Episode DescriptionEdit

Quinn is back, and we pick up the discussion about women in creativity after Jeremy writes an awkwardly unnecessary article of apology on Medium. Hilarity ensues.

Also, there is now a term for when you keep repeating stories every time you speak to someone. It’s called Gerholding.

SQUARESPACE! SQUARESPACE! SQUARESPACE! Jeremy is working frantically to catch up on his demo videos. Meanwhile, for 10% off your first purchase on a Squarespace account, use the offer code POOPYPANTS.

Thanks for the beer, Joel, Tyler and Rusty!

Topics CoveredEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I mean, all I care about are memorable quotes."  -Quinn

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